The Hospital On Wheels During the Pandemic

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Since the onset of the Pandemic, aside from the Surgical Missions which has been temporarily held at my Q. Ave. clinic since August 2020 (Surgical Residents alternately rotate and assist me with these surgeries as part of their training program), the Hospital On Wheels (HOW) has embarked on other activities that can help our people & our government address the problems caused by Covid-19. One of these is the weekly Healthy Lugaw On Wheels’ feeding program which was started in October 2020 but was temporarily stopped since April 2021 due to government restrictions.

On July 5, 2021 we will be launching another project, a medical information assistance program for Covid-19 patients (and the public as well) utilizing the call center technology to reach Filipinos wherever they are and the Emergency Medical Service system (for MetroManila initially).

The program is named the Home Management Program (HMP) for Covid-19 of the Hospital On Wheels and as I have mentioned, it consists of two inter-related and well-coordinated programs; 1.) First Aid Call Center & 2.) Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

The EMS are the “soldiers” on the field; assisting & instructing the patient & relatives, bringing in Oxygen tanks, other equipments and supplies needed by Covid-19 patient while he is seeking help from health professionals and Medical Specialists or arranging admission in a Hospital

Once the Community Quarantine is lifted, we will resume the out of town Medical-Surgical missions of the Hospital On Wheels (HOW).

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Hospital on Wheels Philippines | Dr. Jim Sanchez

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