Philippine Red Cross Privilege is Real

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Blessed day to all of you. ANDREA DAGANZO SALTIGA is the daughter of RMCHSAAI Member-Batch ’84ANNABELLE DAGANZO SALTIGA. Her daughter Andrea is scheduled to undergo surgery and will be needing 6 bags of type “O” blood on August 20, 2021. Due to a lack of blood sources, the surgery reschedules and succeeded last August 21, 2021.

As the President of Batch ‘84 and the Daganzo family, we are sincerely thankful to Director THEOFISTA L. PAJARA (Philippine Red Cross), and to Vice-Chairman DENNIS JOSE PAJARA(RMCHSAAI 2021) who did not hesitate to help even though he is currently confined to the hospital, he is still able to worked and assisted the Daganzo family.

We would like to thanks the Philippine Red Cross Quezon City Chapter who assisted the family to go to Philippine Red Cross Rizal Chapter who contributed two bags of type “O” blood.

Daganzo family also give the acknowledgement to ALL RMCHSAAI 2021 Board of Directors for this wonderful project. KUDOS BATANG MONSAY

Treasurer, RMCHSAAI 2021